Ambu Bags Manual Resuscitator

Adult Silicon Ambu Bag:


Silicone Adult 1700ML resuscitator set with 60cmH20 POP OFF
Consist of :
  • BE-2103 Silicone adult 1700ML resuscitator
  • PN-0005 Silicon Mask 5
  • PN-0436 Durable oxygen reservoir valve
  • PN-0439 2500ML Oxygen reservoir bag
  • PN-0200 Disposable oxygen tubing,2 meter.

Ambu Bag Adult Silicone:

ambu bag

Features of Adult Ambu bag silicone :

  • 100 percent medical grade silicone material.
  • Latex free components
  • Available in polysulfone type.
  • Autoclave is possibile without injury to the product.
  • Long-life and durable.
  • Various accessories and private label options.
  • The set includes PVC reservoir bag, silicon mask 5 and disposable oxygen tubing.
  • 40cm H20 pressure relief valve reduces risk of excessive ventilation pressure.
  • All in one intake valve.
Specifications of adult ambu bag :
  • RE-0452R1 Silicone Adult 1600ml Resuscitator (W/ pop-off 60cmH2O).
  • PN-0005  Silicone mask 5.
  • PN-0439 2500ml Oxygen reservoir bag.
  • PN-0200 Disposable Oxygen Tubing 2 meter.

Pediatric Silicon Ambu Bag:


LIFETRACK Ambu Bag Pediatric Silicon
  • Model: BE-2201
  • Manufactured by: OnlineSurgicals